Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nike T90 Shoot IV in White 472558 480

Nike T90 Shoot IV in
The Nike T90 Shoot IV Men's Football Boots has a lightweight, low profile and was developed for secure templates, passes and shots on hard indoor fields.% 0d% 0 a% 0d% 0AVORTEILE% 0d% 0AAUSSENSOHLE For indoor play with if not specifically designed for squash court use Material & Design Attributes, range of motion and traction% 0d% 0AOBERMATERIAL PU Leather Flip Case Cover Pouch for comfort and a great feel for the ball% 0D% 0AINSTEP is strapped practice uniform compression to provide the ball during the impact and provide outstanding precision at high speeds
Sole: Transparent sole
Material: Faux Leather
Colour: White/Orange::: White/Total Orange

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